Distance training allows teacher training and updating

Online courses on topics such as new educational methodologies and practices provide interaction with other teachers, reflections and exchanges of experiences and learning

In a world in constant transformation, where previously efficient solutions may no longer be adequate for the problems of the contemporary world, teachers need to be in continuous training. To stay up to date with new methodologies, practices and educational research, they need this permanent training, with spaces for practice, reflection and sharing of mutual learning. "This is only possible if schools value professional training, dedicating time, resources and investments to such activities", says Bruno Gebara, director of operations at Camino Education.

According to Gebara, the Brazilian teacher is, on average, 41 years old, which means that he finished higher education around 2001, when there was no mobile internet. “Since then, everything has changed. The impacts of such innovation are not restricted to technology, as they profoundly alter our social dynamics. Therefore, teachers can never stop learning and updating. ”

Quarantine is an opportunity to seek distance training

One of the ways to do this, according to him, is through distance training, which provides a unique opportunity to interact with teachers from all over Brazil, generating a very rich exchange of experiences. And, as many trainings are available on the internet and can be carried out at any time and from any place, they favor fitting into the busy schedules of teachers and pedagogical coordinators.

The director points out that, in the scenario of the new coronavirus pandemic, there were a series of initiatives by large educational groups that made continuing education courses available free of charge, such as Harvard University. He also mentions the training in Active Learning, offered by Camino Education, between the end of March and the beginning of April this year, in an open and free way for teachers from all over the country. “We saw, at that time, thousands of teachers doing training at the same time, in a connection environment that would not have been possible had it not been for technology”.

For him, quarantine can represent an opportunity for teachers to train themselves. "Nobody has prepared for what is happening, so using the time available to update is essential".