Our mission is to enrich Learning. We aspire to transform traditional classes into unforgettable classes with high educational quality and significant engagement by educators and students, with the use of Active Learning.  

Based on Science of Learning, we have developed the concept of Expeditions, educational projects which integrate traditional instruction practices  with active learning practices.

Through CLOE, a complete Active Learning digital platform, which promotes much more engaging classes and develops the necessary skills for the future, we share our Expeditions with schools throughout Brazil;

We have developed, enhanced and applied our Expeditions and other innovative elements of our educaitonal offering at Camino Schoolour proprietary reference trilingual school in São Paulo

At the Camino Center for Active Learning [link Center page], we contribute to the training of teachers from the private and public networks in the country, in addition to promoting meetings on innovation in education.

We follow three guiding principles:


We are part of a Whole, which is a part of us.

Human Relations

Learning occurs in the context of the human relations we maitain in our lives.


Each of us is an author who is capable of contributing to the world in our own valuable ways.

Our Team
Fernando Shayer.
Bruno Gebara
Leticia Lyle
Renato Dias
Susan Fuhrman
Artur Tacla
Hernan Kazah
Some of our leaders
Caio Garcez
Ana Paula Toresan
Cuca Righini
Juliana Ferrari
Diana Tatit
Diogo Lacerda