What we do

Proprietary Schools

We will open our first school in 2020, in São Paulo, Brazil. It will be the embodiment of our founding principles and our methodology.

Partner Schools

We will sponsor the development of a network of schools, with partner-owned units which adopt our methodology in full and could benefit from our expertise in planning the school business.

Global Ecosystem

We are developing a global education ecosystem that will be present in Brazil and in other countries starting in 2020, with the goal of supporting schools in a pedagogical evolution movement, with a transition from a traditional and local education to one that is innovative and global. Such ecosystem will be materialized in a digital platform of active learning, that will be integrated with the current practices of the schools and with full pedagogical support of our team of educators. In the second semester of 2019 we will pilot such platform and associated services in schools in Brazil and the USA.

Strategic Partnerships

We support public, private or non-profit organizations looking to plan, develop and implement practices, pedagogical models, education management and operation strategies in custom made projects that carry our experience as a team.