Camino is the result of a union of professionals from different areas of knowledge that came together for the same cause: ensuring that students and teachers from Brazil and beyond have access to an education that responds to the challenges we face today and produces tools to build the reality that we want in the future.

We encourage daily thinking about educational models where learning is at the center, and we invite students, parents, teachers and managers to participate with us in this transformation.

We know that learning is living, and living is a journey. We live in the information age of the 21st century and our young people have become digital natives; however, we also live on a planet that is in crisis and in a world filled with structural inequalities. The question is no longer how education prepares the individual for the world, but rather how it allows us to choose how we would like to reach the 22nd century.

Já dizia John Dewey “A educação não é a preparação para a vida; educação é a própria vida.” Ela é contínua, ativa, colaborativa, social, intensa e inovadora. Ela não acontece dentro de quatro paredes, passivamente, sem relevância. Educação é o exercício de viver e construir nosso caminho, e nossas escolas, plataformas, e propostas devem honrar essa missão.

Camino proposes a quality education that looks at life and we ensure that the success of our proposal comes from the beauty and consistency of our journey. We invite participation in the process so that we can dream, live and learn side-by-side. Together we can nurture and challenge, knowing that each achievement is the celebration of new beginnings, that each individual is incredibly unique and, most importantly, that we all walk in life together.



Cultivating a global transformation network

The change we want to see in the world happens all over the world. We connect a network of engaged agents.

Live and learn always

Our journey is rich and full of challenges that we risk and celebrate at all times.

Celebrate people

We believe in the power of everyone to deliver outstanding results.

Include diversity

We believe diversity creates value. We embrace all cultures, visions and backgrounds.

Engaging with purpose

We believe in a world where people can achieve happiness through purpose and meaning

How we do it

Camino offers proposals for different products and services that attend our own schools, innovative teaching methodologies, teacher training and tools to help your school in this transformation.

Our pedagogical pillars:

- Active, real life learning

- Deep learning through mastery and meta-analysis

- Fostering social and emotional skills

- Whole child, integral and integrated approach to assessment

- Connected, continuous and evidence-based curriculum development

- Relevant, engaging learning environments


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