Tomás Nóbrega
Finance and School Operations Manager

Tomás is the Finance and School Operations Manager at Camino Education, responsible for the operations of our proprietary school and partner schools, as well as the financial and administrative modeling behind them. Prior to Camino, Tomás was at Somos Educação, working in different areas of the largest K-12 company in Brazil, learning about the business and the pedagogical aspects of it.  He was responsible for the operations of two schools in Mato Grosso State (CIE and NeoDNA) accounting for more than 1.700 students and 140 employees. Tomás believes in developing powerful investment theses to support educational endeavors, both in public and private sectors, and while at Somos he also co-founded Instituto Somos, a nonprofit social impact organization. There, he developed programs providing scholarships to underserved youth, as well as career and university preparation courses for public school students. Tomás also has experience in developing investment thesis for new products in education and schools’ valuation analysis.

Tomás has a bachelor’s degree in Economics form Universidade de São Paulo (FEA-USP) and was one of the creators of the group ECONOEDUC, a forum dedicated to the discussion of relevant topics merging economics and education, maintaining over 850 academics, students and influencers and in in 20 issues.

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