Who we are

Our quest is to contribute to Education by honoring what makes us human, the central value of relationships and the challenges inherent to growing in this rapidly changing, digital and complex world.


We have combined experiences and individual perspectives as educators, managers, entrepreneurs and academics to create a global ecosystem where students, teachers, schools, families, communities and organizations can join forces, create and have access to innovative educational pathways.


We are guided by three founding principles:

We believe in the wholeness of the human experience.  We perceive reality in a way that integrates and includes the individual and the collective, the subjective and the objective, the physical and the digital dimensions.

We believe in the central role played by human relationships to the growth of individuals and societies. Our educational model embraces complexity through a systems thinking approach, in which learning, cognition and creativity are properties that emerge in the very context of the relationships that students maintain among themselves, their families, teachers and the community. We foster love, gratitude, empathy and compassion as fundamental elements of education.

We believe in authorship as the expression of living, creating things of value for the world we live in. We want to invite our learners and teachers to make the world a better place by bringing the best version of themselves to their daily lives and communities. As do scientists, artists and entrepreneurs, we believe inspiration surrounds us, and an empathetic eye, combined with relentlessly seeking deep learning, is at the heart of true agency and innovation.

We encourage the development of individuals who understand the key role they play in society, who master knowledge at the service of an emerging equitable world, who build long-term relationships enriching more diverse and inclusive communities, who actively potentialize development and growth within themselves and in those around them.


We understand the challenge of educating in the 21st century and know we must support schools integrating competency-based practices and learning experiences into their current and local methodologies. At their own pace and interconnected globally, schools will be able to iterate these transformation processes, supported by Camino’s vision and unwavering belief that growing and learning is something we do together.